Nigerian Genius Finalists

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Teams representing 45 tertiary institutions in Nigeria have been shortlisted for the Nigerian Genius (Campus Edition).
Four institutions will be selected for the finals. One of these four will be selected through a voting system.
Vote for your favorite tertiary institution or your alma mater.
Click this link to vote:


Nigerian Genius Application Closes Today

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Hey Genius!
Hope you’ve applied for the biggest engineering challenge in Nigeria?
If No, what are you waiting for?
Please share with your engineering contacts.

The Nigerian Genius – Call for Application

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Nigeria imports over 90% of engineering solutions and manufactured products. Our GDP is low, Naira is losing value, unemployment and poverty high.
We’re in search of Nigerian Geniuses (in tertiary institutions) to come together and solve Nigeria’s toughest engineering and manufacturing problems.
Are you one of them?
Then apply.
Do you know any of them?
Please share with them.
Selected applicants will gain access to skills and Advanced Manufacturing Equipment.
In addition, they will stand a chance to win N1 million naira.

Clintonel Industry Training

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Our Industrial Training (IT) students are acquiring engineering product design skills.
We are equipping them with this essential skill because engineering product design is at the core of every manufacturing process.

Supporting STEM Education

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Through our STEM Education program, we are addressing the lack of teaching aids for science subjects in secondary schools.
We design and develop indigenous kits for teaching STEM.

Industrial Training for Engineering Students

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Industrial Training for Engineering Students
Register with this Link
Participating in this training will enable you to receive a training certificate directly from Autodesk.
If you wish to obtain an Autodesk Branded Certificate of Training (with Global Recognition), ensure you participate fully in this training.

Equipping Nigerian Engineering Students

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Industrial Training (IT) provides engineering students practical engineering experience.
At Clintonel, we equip engineering students on IT with technical and soft skills needed to thrive in the industry, helping them understand and apply the theories they learn in school.

Engineering for Industry Training (E4i) at Federal University of Science and Technology (FUTO) Owerri, Nigeria.

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Virtually every product we use today started as a design (phone, fridge, car, etc.). Nigeria needs to design and make the products she imports and consumes.
We introduced the engineering students & staff of the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) to Computer-Aided Design (CAD) of products using Fusion360.
We also trained FUTO engineering students & staff on Reverse Engineering using a 3D Scanner to digitise and study existing products and then using a 3D Printer to reproduce those products.

Engineering for Industry Training at Imo State University (IMSU) Owerri, Nigeria.

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Engineering for Industry (E4I) training in Imo State University (IMSU) started with an introduction to the exciting world of #3DPrinting after a session on product design.
The students designed, animated and 3D printed a gear system.

The students and lecturers learnt about #CNCmachining – how it works, and how codes are generated and executed.

The students had hands-on training on 3D scanning, laser cutting, and laser engraving. 

Engineering for Industry (E4i) is supported by Aspire Coronation Foundation

Engineering Product Design and Manufacturing at Clintonel Advanced Engineering Centre.

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Engineering product design involves bringing creative and innovative product ideas to life, and this is a crucial aspect of manufacturing. We have a team of experienced engineers at CLINTONEL who create new products through efficient idea generation and concept development.

At Clintonel Advanced Engineering Centre – AEC, we design and 3d print products for clients.

A lot of industries today are embracing 3D printing technology as a method of manufacturing because of its significant advantages over other traditional manufacturing methods. One of which is rapid prototyping; the ability to design and manufacture a customized part of a product in as little time as possible.