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2023 will be an exciting year as the CIC team is set to build capacity in Nigeria for engineering ,innovation and manufacturing through our program for:

  1. STEM Education
  2. Engineering Education
  3. TVET
  4. Technology and Start up incubation

CLINTONEL Engineering for Industry (E4I) Academy

E4I Academy is a Finishing School for fresh engineering graduates that equips them with skills for the industry, facilitating local production and industrialization in Nigeria.


  • Computer-Aided Design
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Programming & Machining
  • Laser engraving & Cutting
  • Embedded Systems

Duration: 4 weeks

Location: Aba


  • High employability in the industry
  • Training Certificate by Autodesk
  • Paid Internship
  • Free accommodation

Application Link:

Application Deadline: 5th Feb 2023

Selected participants will be offered full scholarships to participate in E4I Academy.

International Partnerships

We’re glad to announce that Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) is an Autodesk Learning Partner (ALP) and Authorized Academic Partner (AAP).

As an Authorized Academic Partner, CIC has met Autodesk’s defined standards of excellence for delivering high quality training, certification and exam preparation to students, schools and academic institutions.


Category : STEM

Our STEM training introduced students of St.peters Academy not just to computer Literacy , but also to the endless opportunities in Computer Aided Design (CAD) ,inspiring them to pursue STEM careers and preparing them for the future of work .

At this STEM training , the students were introduced to 3D printing, basic electronics and practical application of pressure.

STEM Training at Foundation Secondary School Aba.

Category : STEM

As part of our commitment to educate and prepare the future work force, we took our STEM Education to Foundation Secondary School Aba, where we introduced the students to Electronics Programming using our indigenous STEM kits.

They had fun carrying out experiment that demonstrates real life application of pressure in their STEM training

As we wrapped up our STEM training for Foundation Secondary School, the students were fascinated to see 3D printers for the first time.
They were trained to create 3D Models using Fusion360 Computer Aided Designs (CAD) software.
The 3D models were converted to physical objects using the 3D printer.