computerized and automated leather manufacturing

Computerized and Automated Leather Manufacturing (CALM)

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Computerised and Automated Leather Manufacturing (CALM) is a project to create massive employment in the Aba leather manufacturing industry through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants will be trained to design, produce and sell footwear and bags with the aid of technology.

Training Courses:
Computer Aided Footwear Production
Computer Aided Bag Production

1. Skill building in modern footwear and bag production
2. Business training and startup funding
3. Free working space
4. Transportation support

2 months

Starting Date:
July 2020.

Register online:

OR offline at our office:
7 Factory Road (4th Floor, Left Side of the Building)
By Eziukwu Road, Opposite City Bank,

For enquiries call: 0813 900 8074

computerized and automated leather manufacturing

Engineering For Industry (E4i)

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Nigeria imports over 90% of the engineering products she consumes despite graduating thousands of engineers every year. These graduates are mostly incapable of solving the engineering problems in our society. Consequently, unemployment is very high as we lack the capacity for industrialisation and technological development.

I’m pleased to announce that our organisation, Clintonel Innovation Centre (an engineering tech hub in Nigeria) is pioneering a national project that will transform engineering education in Nigeria in collaboration with industry and academia partners.

Join us today to discuss this engineering skills gap and how we plan to transform engineering education in Nigeria.

Register here: