Design and Construction of a Rapid Prototype Machine (3D Printer)

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An ongoing project in Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) Aba.

Promoting hardware in Nigeria

Another Industrial Revolution.

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Clintonel Innovation Centre; Driving another Industrial Revolution in Nigeria

The first Industrial Revolution was the transition to new  Manufacturing processes in Europe. Transitioning from hand production method to use of machines.

Clintonel innovation Centre – CIC, is enabling and driving another Industrial Revolution in Nigeria; changing the narrative of manufacturing processes in Nigeria.

Technology is Changing our World

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Futurists of the 1950s and 60s predicted that by the 2000s, flying cars, airborne robots and other gadgets would be part of our everyday lives.
Today we are at the brink of another technological boom!
These Technologies will go mainstream and Change our World soon:
-Voice Assistants.
-Robot Assistants.
-Augmented and Mixed Reality.
-Regenerative Medicine
-Driverless Vehicles
-Reusable Rockets.
-Quantum Computing.
-Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Clintonel Innovation Centre, CIC equips young people with skills for technology development.


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Introducing more rigorous curriculum and increasing knowledge transfer alone cannot improve STEM education in Nigeria. Rather an avenue where students can apply scientific methods in solving real life problems, would be a better way to embrace STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in Nigeria.

Clintonel Innovation Centre, CIC as a STEM centre aims at bridging such gaps in our education and tech ecosystem. 


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Hardware is hard” is a popular saying. This could be based on the high cost, expertise and time required to develop any hardware product.

Clintonel innovation centre is here to support hardware innovators, makers and entreprenuers in Nigeria.

Our goal is to make hardware development soft in Nigeria.
Let’s charge that popular saying to “Hardware is soft”.