E4I Academy Opening Ceremony

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Participants were introduced to the design of realistic 3D components.

They designed different objects such as a spanner, a sprocket and others.

STEM Education at Benneth secondary School.

Category : STEM

We took our STEM training to the students of Benneth Secondary School, inspiring and preparing them for excellence in STEM careers.

STEM education motivates and inspires young people to pursue careers in STEM.

Through our STEM Program, we’re nursing the great scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

E4I Academy

Category : E4I Academy

Engineering for Industry (E4I) Academy is a Finishing School for fresh engineering graduates that equips them with skills for the industry, facilitating local production and industrialization in Nigeria.

• Computer-Aided Design
• 3D Printing
• CNC Programming & Machining
• Laser engraving & Cutting
• Embedded Systems

Duration: 4 weeks
Location: Aba
• High employability in the industry
• Training Certificate by Autodesk
• Paid Internship
• Free accommodation
Application Link: http://bit.ly/E4IAcademy
Deadline: 5th February 2023.
Selected participants will be offered full scholarships to participate in E4I Academy.

Have you wondered how some objects are been formed?

Category : STEM

3D printing technology has been in use, for about four decades. It was invented in the early 1980s.

3D Printing is the process of creating objects by depositing layers of material on top of one another.

It is also called additive manufacturing. Instead of the traditional subtractive methods like CNC milling when used for industrial production.