Brain Teaser (Day 5)


The Nigerian geniuses were challenged to come up with an innovative solution that not only addresses the issue of illegal waste disposal but also contributes to the overall economic growth of Nigeria. They were encouraged to design a waste management system that not only promotes environmental sustainability but also harnesses the potential for job creation within the sector.

Team ABU Zaria

The waste management system designed by the team is carbon emission free and obeys carbon policy for globalization. Listen to Abubakar as he shares about the waste management system built by the team.

Team Uniuyo

The team displayed a visual representation of a low density polyethylene waste management system. They demonstrated the collection, sorting, compaction, heating, plastic molding, etc. of waste.

Team YabaTech

The geniuses from Yaba College of Technology worked as a team to illustrate a biogas system that includes sewage storage and biogas extraction. By utilizing sewage as a renewable resource, the team has demonstrated the possibility of reducing both waste and reliance on traditional energy sources.

Team Futminna

The team gave an illustration about plastic recycling. Using a flow chart, they explained how best to recycle plastic.

Nigerian Genius – Basic Electronics Class

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The Genius were introduced to basic electronics and embedded system design.

They used Proteus to design and draw electronics circuits.