Skill Up Abia 2022 Orientation

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Skill Up Abia (SUPA) 2022 Orientation was very successful! 
Trainees were introduced to Clintonel, PIND, NDYEP, Soft Skills, Goals and Benefits of Skill Up Abia.
Dedicated trainees will gain access to skills, certifications, employment, internships and funding for their businesses or startups.
To join the next batch, please apply here: 
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Skill Up Abia is a job creation program of Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) Aba designed to equip young people with skills and support them to gain or create employment.

 Employment for top participants
 Access to funding for business startups
 Stipends for transportation
 International Certification

Apply here:

Supported by PIND

CLINTONEL’s Contribution to National Development

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Three days ago, our company Clintonel Advanced Engineering Centre (AEC) Aba received a prestigious national award as the Most Outstanding MSME in Nigeria 2022, from the Vice President of Nigeria who described our work as “The building block for a true industrial revolution in Nigeria”

Watch the Vice President’s speech here:

Good Things are happening in Aba, Abia State!

In 2017, we started Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) Nigeria’s first Makerspace (Engineering-Focused Tech Hub) in Aba out of our passion to support indigenous innovations and technology development in Nigeria. Through CIC, we’ve trained over 1,000 secondary school students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), over 600 school leavers in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, 870 engineering students, lecturers and graduates on essential industry skills. We’ve organized national competitions and events to promote innovation and technology development.

Nigeria imports up to 80% of the goods we consume resulting to high unemployment, poverty, insecurity, high inflation and naira devaluation. To address these challenges, we started Clintonel Advanced Engineering Centre (AEC) Aba with the mission to facilitate the transition from a consuming to a producing nation. AEC builds high precision moulds, tools, parts and machines for Nigerian industries to boost local production and reduce importation.

This National Honour from the Vice President recognises the critical role we’re playing towards industrial and national development in Nigeria.

We keep pushing till Nigeria becomes a producing nation.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible.

Nigeria needs to sustain the MSME Awards.

Thanks to Access Bank for supporting this award.



How to Train Engineers: Project Based Learning

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Through Project Based Learning approach the contestants at the Nigerian Genius Engineering Competition (2022)  were trained to acquire essential industry and manufacturing skills which they deployed to build products using different manufacturing processes. The students built the following products which Nigeria currently imports:

  • Mobile Phone Chargers (produced through electronics design software, PCB CNC milling and 3D printing)
  • Adjustable Tables (produced through metal fabrication)
  • Engine Parts (crank shaft produced through metal casting and connecting rod produced through CNC machining)
  • Plastic enclosures and engravings (produced through laser cutting and engraving)

This builds capacity for local production of goods which will boost Nigeria’s economy and strengthen the Naira.

Watch the Nigerian Genius (Campus Edition) 2022 challenge here.


Nigerian Genius Contestants

The Nigerian Genius

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The Nigerian Genius 2022 finalists

The Nigerian Genius Engineering Competition (Campus Edition) is an engineering challenge that brings together Nigeria’s brightest minds in tertiary institutions to solve Nigeria’s toughest engineering and manufacturing challenges. During the challenge, the contestants learn Advanced Engineering Skills from industry experts and are given access to Precision Manufacturing Equipment at CLINTONEL Advanced Engineering Centre Aba to build engineering and manufacturing solutions for Nigeria. These young geniuses undergo intensive training on engineering and different manufacturing processes including: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Product Design and Development, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), 3D Printing, Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, CNC lathe machining, CNC 4-axis Machining, Welding, Fabrication, Metal Casting, etc. They are further tasked with deploying the skills acquired to design and build different engineering products and solutions. The winning team receives the award prize, while the winning tertiary institution ranks No 1 in Engineering Education in Nigeria.


Here is more about the Nigerian Genius Engineering Competition from the 2022 finalists.

Team UNN Nigerian Genius 2022 Winners
Nigerian Genius 2022 Winners (Team UNN)

Goals and objectives of the Nigerian Genius

The Nigerian Genius Engineering Competition was set up to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Draw national attention to engineering as a critical part of manufacturing and national development.
  2. Inspire tertiary institutions to improve their engineering education, paying more attention to industry relevant skills and Project Based Learning
  3. Equip engineering students with essential industry and manufacturing skills
  4. Boost local manufacturing, resulting in employment generation and economic development

Watch the Nigerian Genius (Campus Edition) 2022 challenge here.

Nigerian Genius Partners

The Nigerian Genius is supported by ACT Foundation, Engineering X (Royal Academy of Engineering), CLINTONEL Advanced Engineering Centre and Autodesk.

Nigerian Genius Participants
Nigerian Genius Contestants