Brain Teasers!

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Each morning the Geniuses are asked to solve some form of puzzle that requires thinking in unconventional ways with given constraints in mind.

This helps to test their innovative and problem solving skills. Each team is expected to come up with a design that will be tested based on creativity.

Team FUTMinna

The team from Federal University of Technology Minna received a work box containing safety kits and work tools. 

They were asked to build any furniture found in the house using a carton, sello tape, gum etc.

Check out the excellent work done by the team.
Team Futminna came first and they were awarded 10 points.

Team YabaTech

The Geniuses from Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, received their work kits containing safety kits and work tools. They built a table and a shelf..

Team Uniuyo

The team from University of Uyo received a work box containing safety kits and work tools. With the resources they had, they built a stool.

Below is the picture gallery of their work.

Team ABU Zaria

The Geniuses from Ahmadu Bello University received their work box as well. The team’s creativity was evident as they built a multipurpose shelf.