Brain Teaser – Day 2

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The Nigerian geniuses were tasked with designing and building a prototype bridge using toothpicks, superglue, and sellotape. The bridge is expected to have a minimum length of 20cm and should be able to carry a can of malt (33 cl) and a bottle of water (75 cl).

Each team will be judged based on their innovation, aesthetics, clarity of presentation, etc.

Team Uniuyo

The geniuses from the University of Uyo constructed a bridge using toothpicks and tapes. Their creative ability was perfectly crafted in their work.

Team YabaTech

The YabaTech team designed and constructed a bridge using the resources given to them. Their work was rated accordingly.

Team Futminna

The Geniuses from Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State constructed a bridge using toothpick and sellotape. They were able to create a rigid bridge that was able to carry both a 75cl bottle water and a 35cl can malt. This gave them a leading point.

Team ABU Zaria

The Nigerian Geniuses from Ahmadu Bello University constructed a prototype bridge using toothpicks and sellotape. Their design was creative and great.