3D Printed products

Category : E4I Academy

An array of 3D Printed products from the E4I Academy.

E4I Academy Day 5

Category : E4I Academy

In this lesson, the participants learnt how to prepare their 3D CAD model for printing.

They also learnt how to set up the 3D printer by arranging the filament, calibrating and heating up the printer bed.

E4I Academy Day 4

Category : E4I Academy

The E4I Academy participants were so excited to see their designs come to life right before their eyes.

Day 2 of the E4I Academy training

Category : E4I Academy

At the day 2 of the E4I Academy training, we delved into exploring the creative process behind shoe sole, hanger and disposable plate designs.

Our trainees are using cutting edge software to bring their ideas to life, and we can’t wait to see the finished products.

E4I Academy Opening Ceremony

Category : E4I Academy

Participants were introduced to the design of realistic 3D components.

They designed different objects such as a spanner, a sprocket and others.

E4I Academy

Category : E4I Academy

Engineering for Industry (E4I) Academy is a Finishing School for fresh engineering graduates that equips them with skills for the industry, facilitating local production and industrialization in Nigeria.

• Computer-Aided Design
• 3D Printing
• CNC Programming & Machining
• Laser engraving & Cutting
• Embedded Systems

Duration: 4 weeks
Location: Aba
• High employability in the industry
• Training Certificate by Autodesk
• Paid Internship
• Free accommodation
Application Link: http://bit.ly/E4IAcademy
Deadline: 5th February 2023.
Selected participants will be offered full scholarships to participate in E4I Academy.