Product Design Challenge.

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Students undergoing training for Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) participated in the first product design challenge.

The challenge was to design a functional product that was original and innovative, used local materials, could be produced easily within CIC, and to cost not more than 2000 Naira

A total of six teams participated in the challenge, and today was the presentation before a panel of two seasoned engineer judges rating the products based on originality, manufacturability as well as other technical factors

You won’t believe what these teams came up with after a few days brainstorming and design. It was impossible to believe the level of technicality that went into each design, as they were presented to the panel of judges.

Here are the products designed by the teams:
 Modern Bedroom Lamp
 Tissue Dispenser
 Bill Post
 Bathroom Accessories Rack
 Personal bath Kit
 Shoe Rack

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