Demo Day

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As the 2023 edition of the Nigerian Genius Engineering Competition comes to an end, the geniuses are prepared to display and demonstrate the functionality of the farming robots and other products they created.

They have dedicated countless hours perfecting the design and programming of these innovative machines, ensuring they are efficient and effective in addressing the specific needs of Nigerian farmers. With their expertise and passion, our geniuses are eager to demonstrate how these cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize the agricultural industry in Nigeria.


The team displayed their farming robot. The robot they built is equipped with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize farming operations. It can plow, perform seedling operation, has irrigation system, and even alert farmers of any imminent danger around them.


The team built a farming robot that has an irrigation system to efficiently water crops. The robot uses sensors to detect moisture levels in the soil and automatically adjusts the irrigation system accordingly. This advanced farming robot not only optimizes irrigation but also ensures the precise planting of seedlings. Equipped with specialized tools, it can accurately place each seedling in the soil, enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of the farming process.


The team built a farming robot that can perform weeding and plowing operations. The robot has a functional irrigation system and a motion detector. The motion detector allows the robot to detect any movement in its surroundings, ensuring that it can navigate through the farm without colliding with obstacles or humans. Additionally, the robot is equipped with advanced sensors that enable it to accurately identify and target weeds for efficient removal, reducing the need for manual labor and chemical herbicides.


The geniuses from ABU Zaria built a robot that could plow, plant seedlings, detect humidity, identify pesticides, and perform irrigation function. This multi-functional robot will not only revolutionized the agricultural industry but also increased efficiency and productivity. Its advanced technology and capabilities significantly reduced labor-intensive tasks for farmers, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of farming such as crop management and planning.