Brain Teaser (Day 4)

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The Nigerian Geniuses started the day with a brain teaser and were tasked with constructing a water tank tower using straws and tape. The water tank tower should have a minimum height of 30cm and be able to carry a load of 250 liters.

Team FUTMinna

The team built a tower using spaghetti strands, superglue, and masking tape. They took time to build a solid foundation but couldn’t build a high tower.

Team YabaTech

Team YabaTech Using spaghetti strands, masking tape, and super glue, the Nigerian Geniuses from YabaTech built the tallest tower. Their tower was able to carry weight. The team was rewarded accordingly.


The team built a high tower using the resources made available to them. Their design met most of the judges criteria.

Team ABU Zaria

The team effectively utilized the short time they had to build a tower that met the minimum requirement they were given.