E4I Campus Training

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Our Train is Moving to Abia State University, Uturu (ABSU).
If you know any engineering student or lecturer there, please ask them to register here: https://bit.ly/E4IABSU

Quadloop Creations

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Today we feature Quadloop Creations an indigeous hardware company in Nigeria and manufacturers of ÌDùnnú – a Solar lantern with a USB charging feature.

IDùnnù provides you with lighting for a period of 12 – 14 hours and can effectively serve as a power bank

It is made from electronics waste and comes with a solar panel to recharge the batteries with a capacity of 6,000mah.

You can call +234 802 946 3826 or visit their website: https://www.quadloop.africa/

Steps in Printing 3D models

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3D printing uses additive manufacturing process which creates a physical object from a digital design.
A 3D model is printed through the following steps:
1. 3D Modelling
2. Slicing
3. Printing
4. Post processing

STEM Skills

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When a kid acquires STEM skills, it helps them develop problem solving skills. This is beneficial throughout their life, irrespective of which profession they choose.

At Clintonel Innovation Centre, we partner with secondary schools to deliver STEM education to the students.

The E4I Academy Project Based Learning

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The CNC machining class at the E4I Academy exposed our trainees to the procedures used to machine an object.

The basic steps includes:
1. Designing for manufacturing
2. Programing and exporting the G-code
3. Setting-up the machine
4. Loading the G-Code and
5. Running the operation.

E4I Academy – CNC Machining

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The E4I Academy participants were introduced to the design requirements for CNC machines.

They also learn how to setup the CNC machine.

Laser Products from the E4I Academy

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Using the laser cutter, our students cut out and engraved their names and other designs on a sheet of Acrylic.

They built an office organizer used to store pens and pencils. It can also be used as a phone stand.

E4I Academy – Laser Technology

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Our trainees at the Academy were introduced to laser technology. They learnt how to use the light burn software to design and operate the laser cutters

Arduino programming

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During the electronics class, the participants simulated and developed several electronics circuits.

Our students used Proteus to simulate the behavior of an Arduino board and it’s associated components within the Proteus environment.

Electronics – E4I ACademy

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Our trainees at the E4I Academy were introduced to electronics and embedded system design.