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Indigenous Solar Inverter Assembly.
This week at Clintonel Innovation Centre, Skill Up Abia trainees in Renewable Energy class successfully assembled the various components of the inverter.

They’ve learnt how to build Solar Inverters for uninterrupted power supply.

*Solar Experts in Aba (Field experience)*

Renewable Energy trainees at Clintonel Innovation Centre successfully installed solar panels at an office complex.

With this proof of successful training, they are ready to serve the nation, changing the narrative of power supply in Nigeria.

Our  group of Renewable Energy Experts.

*Nigeria, Let there be Light*

The solar inverter built by Skill Up Abia trainees is tested and confirmed working. Now we can Light Up Nigeria with Proudly Made in Aba Solar Power Systems. Nigeria, it’s time for Light!  Clintonel Innovation Center (CIC) is committed to solving the power problems in Nigeria. 

Beautiful Designs at Clintonel Innovation Centre

A Bike Grip
Stepper Motor and GT Pulley
Internal Combustion Engine

Designed by Skill Up Abia trainees in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD & CAM) at Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC).

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