Aba, Abia: A Legacy Reimagined!

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Aba, Abia: A Legacy Reimagined! 🚀

Hello tech enthusiasts! 🎉
We’re thrilled to announce that Chiplab is joining hands with Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC), Aba’s heartbeat of innovation. Together, we’re amplifying the renowned craftsmanship of “Made in Aba” and taking it to the digital age.

Yes, we’re dreaming big and envisioning a future where microchips (the component powering phones, computers, electronics, airplanes, rockets, etc.) wear the proud label “Made in Aba”.

Our strategic partnership will unveil a Chiplab Academy right at CIC, setting the stage for Aba, Abia State to become a powerhouse in the global microchip industry. From the energetic streets where tradition thrives, to the state-of-the-art microchip lab at Clintonel, we’re meshing the old with the new.

Get ready, Aba!
We’re not just about consuming tech, we’re about shaping it with passion and pride.