Final Project

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The Geniuses from the different institutions were tasked with building a farming robot that can mechanize and automate farming, scale food production, and secure the lives of farmers

Every morning, the teams are mandated to give a progress account of their work.

Team Uniuyo

The team displayed their farming robot. The robot they built is equipped with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize farming operations. It can plow, perform seedling operation, has irrigation system, and even alert farmers of any imminent danger around them.

Team Futminna

The team emphasized that their agricultural robot is equipped with advanced sensors and AI technology to optimize crop yield and minimize resource waste. Additionally, they highlighted the robot’s ability to perform various tasks such as planting, watering, and harvesting crops, reducing the physical strain on farmers and enabling them to focus on other important aspects of farming.


In preparation for the demo day, the team illustrated how the farming robot they designed and constructed works and the processes involved in using it.


The team is building a farming robot that can help reduce food crises while facilitating food production.